Week 5 Blog Challenge – Let’s Look At Earth Day

My family and I help look after the environment by doing all sorts of things from recycling bottles, to turning the light off when leaving a room.

Firstly, we collect 10 cent plastic bottles and put them in a bag. Once the bag is full we take it down to the recycling centre.

We also like to plant some of our own herbs and foods such as rosemary, pumpkins, coriander, tomatoes, lemons, olives, nectarines and even alo vera which is a plant that can be used for medical purposes as well as cooking. Just rub it on a cut or scratch and it will work better than a bandage.

My family and I have made it our habit to turn the light off every time we leave the room night and day, this is helpful so we don’t have to check all the rooms all the time.

we also try to minimise printing by working on our electronics from home when we’re not going to school.

finally we sometimes when we have plastic bags we don’t need we donate them to the churches.


The Cartoon Version Of Me

I have created a new avatar using avatarmaker.com I find this a really good link because it has many options for hairstyles and all kinds of things. I think doing the head and shoulders version is really good because like I said it has a wide variety and it is also appropriate for kids to use and for adults to use. Also there are other versions but I find that this one the best so far because some of the other versions some kids wont enjoy as much because they might not be appropriate. But i think making avatars is a good thing to do so that you have an avatar to use for when you want one.

my learning about commenting

This activity about learning about commenting has helped me for when I am getting feedback. I have learnt that when commenting you should give useful feedback such as ways to improve work and not just say “I like your work.” this is because if you just write short comments like that it is not actually giving useful feedback, such as ways to improve your work. Useful feedback would be writing something like this ” I like your work but maybe next time use fullstops at the end of a sentence.” that would be useful to the person reading it because it says how to improve your work. I have also learnt that when you are commenting don’t use text language, this is because it does not help for the person receiving the comments vocabulary or the person sending it. Finally when commenting always talk about the work not just something completely off topic. For example ” Hey guys guess what? I got a new dog!” these are the things you shouldn’t do. The things you should do are give useful feedback such as ways to improve your work, use normal writing not text language (lol, btw, gr8 etc) and finally talk about the work not a different subject.

Commenting Post

1. The first comment was “Hi Ms D grate to c u r posting sum cool and gr8 stuff on our blog. Blogging is cool!!!!! Lol Cu tomorrow From penny.” I think that this comment is not very useful because, it is not giving you any helpful feedback and it this comment is using text language which is not helpful when commenting for it usually uses letters and numbers in a different order and is not helpful for vocabulary or understanding.

2. The second post is “Dear Mrs Davis, I enjoyed watching the video about Earth Watch Day. I am going to talk to as many people in my street as I can, and ask them to participate this year. Who else is planning on turning off their power this Saturday night? I wonder if the street lights will stay on? From Terry.” this is not very helpful because it does not say of any way to improve your work but it is better than the first comment because it is not using text talk.

3. The third comment was “Dear Elliot I found your book review so fascinating that I am going to borrow The Giver tomorrow. It reminds me of a book I read last year called Checking Out, by David Went. I will let you know when I have finished. Has anyone else read The Giver? From Hannah.” I think this comment is a lot like the second one for it does not use text language, but it also does not state anyway to improve your work.

4. The fourth comment is “I got a new dog last night his name is toby and hes sooooo cute. I cant wait to bring hi to scholl s I can show him to everywon From sally J.” this comment is in no way useful, has lots of spelling mistakes and is completely off topic, but does not use text language.

5. The fifth comment is “Dear Tania, Your post made me think about the different ways we could get involved with blogging at our school. Thanks so much for sharing your photos. I particularly like the ones of the young students blogging with their buddies in America. I think linking with you to do a collaborative project would be a good way to start. From Tom.” this comment says that the project made Tom think differently but does not say how he could improve his work.

6. The sixth comment is “Dear Shanny, My sister is so annoying lol Shes going to grannys over easter yay yay lol gr8.” This pice of text is completely irrelevant, it uses text language, has lot’s of spelling errors and does not state any way of improving your work.

7. The seventh comment was “I love your story, its really good.” This comment is not useful when giving feedback for it does not state any way to improve your work and it has spelling errors.

8. The eighth comment was “Dear Paul, I don’t understand why you think Jeremy Clarkson should be fired from BBC’s Top Gear. Surely he brings so much pleasure and money to the station that he can be forgiven for his behavior? I would love to know what others think? From Dianne.” This comment talks about Dianne’s understanding but does not say how to improve your work, and it does not have correct spelling.


Country Of Focus – Week 6

2. Cambodia is located in Asia.

3. The capital city of Cambodia is Phnom Penh.

4. Cambodia is located in the Eastern and Northern hemisphere.

5. Cambodia’s national language is Khmer, spoken by 90% of the population.

6. The currency used in Cambodia is Cambodian riel.

7. A connection between Australia and Cambodia is that they both have a long history of farming.

8. An interesting fact about Cambodia is that it had a different name, it was once called Kambuja.

9. The bordering countries of Cambodia are Vietnam( East), Laos (Northeast) and Thailand (Northwest, Southwest).


Dopleme Avatar

when I made this Dopleme character the only challenge I faced was which hairstyle I should use haha. The instructions on how to make this avatar were very clear to me so I could easily just click on the link and start creating my new Dopleme avatar. The instructions on how to log in were also very clear, like how you have to go to your emails to see your password.

200 word challenge

It was a cold winter day in the North pole, where a family of four were staying for a holiday in a small cabin near the lake. There was a Mother and a Father who had a daughter and a son. The daughters name was Liliana, and the sons name was Lucas. Up in the North pole there was so much snow that if you take a step outside your foot would sink 3 inches beneath the snow. When camping in the North Pole you have to find your food and find activities to keep you distracted from the bitter cold. Every morning the Father and Lucas would go out with their guns and crossbows and hunt for the deer, squirrels and the local birds. While Liliana helped cook the meat from the last hunt. Days passed by where the family were hunting cooking and occasionally skating over the frozen lakes ice. But one day Liliana asked her Father if they could go skiing instead and he said yes. so the next day they grabbed the skiing equipment from the shed next door even Lucas decided to do skiing instead of hunting, the wind whipped across their faces so fiercely they decided to go home.



My year 6 blog

This year in year 6 I am very exited to do school camps such as the bike race or the camp to Canberra. This year I am also looking forward to learning new things in class and spending time with my friends.

Although there are many things I am looking forward to in year 6 there are also a lot of things that I am worried about… For example something I am really nervous about is getting my school reports I’m scared that my reports aren’t going to be what I would hope them to be, which is the exact reason why I am trying so hard to do my best when working in all my lessons.